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Daisy Clay Co

Clay kit - large

Clay kit - large

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Underglaze paint colour set

This is our Daisy clay co clay kit!

With so much clay and everything you need to hand build  your own pottery from start to finished

Let your creativity run wild while you calm your mind

This kit has enough clay to make 3 mugs or a big vase or a few dinner plates. Endless options on what you can create 

I have found the products and tools in our kits to be the best for creating beautiful ceramics and are the same as we use here at daisy clay co

To finish your creation it will need to be fired in a kiln at your local firing service 

What’s included 

1kg of the best Australian mid fire clay

Instructions on how to make a mug 

Full set of Clay tools

Clay cutting tool

Rolling pin

Canvas working mat

Letter stamps

Underglaze your choice of colour paints

Clear gloss glaze

Goat hair glazing brush

A number Of different sized soft painting underglaze brushes

All packed up in our beautiful box



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